Episode 003 Show Notes

My apologies for sounding congested in this episode.


All hail the reigning Hemingway Lookalike!

Here’s more information about the Hemingway Look Alike Society.

Act I

  • For more on the elusive Mr. Handford, you might start here.
  • Turns out Waldo/Wally is big business.

Act II

  • In case you’re curious about the most popular baby names for any given year, the Social Security Administration has a great resource here.
  • The CNN story about the killer Michael Ross’s execution can be found here.
  • A fascinating, unsettling look into the Michael Ross serial murder case can be found in an episode of Criminal from last January. It’s excellent, but not for the faint of heart.
  • Here’s a scene from USA’s Suits, featuring another Michael Ross:


  • Check out Ben Urich’s bookcase:
  • “Rattled by the Rush” is still a total jam, 22 years on. Crank it up.
  • There will be more Friends talk later, I assure you. In the meantime, The IT Crowd is very funny and you should check it out immediately.


New episodes go up on Mondays. See you then!


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