Episode 006 Show Notes


Act I

How Stuff Works has a more thorough explanation of how licensing works.

The Drew’s Entertainment people are really, really proud of their music placement, including this clip from Old School:

Act II

Let’s take a 1980s commercial break, shall we?


Clips of The Edge are floating around out there, but be prepared: there’s some serious canned laughter and dated 90s humor.

Radiohead on Saturday Night Special was a pretty amazing thing, indeed.

I can’t overstate how much Shirley Manson made me swoon when Garbage performed.

Tupac and Ice-T performed two numbers: “Only God Can Judge Me” and a cover of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers.” (This is about the best quality clip I could find.) Ice-T KNOWS his Neil Diamond, you guys.

New episodes go up on Mondays. See you then!


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